HDA Technical Services specializes in Apple hardware and software.

Apple Product Professional

HDA Technical Services
Plymouth, New Hampshire
(603) 536-3880
Apple Value Added Reseller

Directions to HDA Technical Services:

Interstate 93 (Northbound and Southbound): Take a left at Exit 24 (Ashland) onto Route 3. Drive two miles. Look for a red brick house and a barn on the right hand side of the road.

Plymouth: Drive 3 miles south of Rite Aid (Downtown) on Route 3. HDA Technical Services is the red house with a barn on the left hand side.

Commuters east of Ashland on Rt. 3: Take Route 3 to Ashland, past Interstate 93 and refer to the I-93 directions.


Large Map (thubmnail) Large map. Shows Routes 175, 3, 3A, and Interstate 93.
Small Map (thumbnail) Small map. Close-up of outlined area in large map. Shows Route 3, Interstate 93, and smaller local roads.

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